Belli Studio

Belli Studio is a 2D animation studio providing full services from pre-production until final render. We also produce original content. Our specialty is traditional and cut-out animation. Founded in 1999, the studio has been working with publishing companies, producing educational films and animation series.

Main Activities: Production,

Content Genres: 2D Animation,

Content Broadcasted In: DisneyXD, Disney Channel, Amazon Prime, Loocke, Vivo, TV Cultura, TV Brasil, Now, Cartoon Network, Netflix, Discovery Kids

Rubens Belli

+55 (47) 9191-1461

Aline Muxfeldt Belli

Gabriela Carlotti

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Boris and Rufus

Animation /

Format: 11'

Target: Kids /

Project status: Completed

Looking for:Broadcaster /

Synopsis: Boris and Rufus live in the same backyard. Their clashes with the cat Leopoldo that lives next door and the contact with the internet, and new technologies lead the two friends to the most unusual adventures.

To be completed in: Jan/2018

Broadcasted: TV Cultura, Disney XD, Disney Channel, Amazon Prime Latam


Tuca, the master cook

Animation /

Format: 11'

Target: Family / Kids /

Project status: Completed

Looking for:Broadcaster /

Synopsis: Tuca, The Master Cook shows a bright light on human relations. Tuca’s love for culinary arts, Pri’s endless tricks and the relationship between the two siblings, their parents and friends, feed stories full of emotional and cultural teachings about people and the world they live in. Watch this adventure!

To be completed in: 2020

Broadcasted: FurbTV


SOS Water Planet

Animation /

Format: 7

Target: 2-5 (Preschool) /

Project status: Early Development

Looking for:Broadcaster / Co-production Partner / Financing /

Synopsis: Based on real data, a fictional series about the importance of preserving the planet. A Squad trained and always ready to protect Water Planet. One adventure per episode in animation with musical clips.