Birdo Studio

Birdo is an independent animation studio based in São Paulo, Brazil. We create and produce original content for web, TV and cinema, direct and animate commercials for big or small clients and provide animation production services for anything inbetween. In 9 years Birdo animated more than 100 projects and seen it's work awarded all over the world.

Main Activities: Production,

Content Genres:


Luciana Eguti

Pedro Ribeiro Eboli


Animation /

Format: 13x11´

Target: Kids /

Project status: In Post Production

Looking for:Pre-sales /

Synopsis: Oswaldo is a naive and excited 12 year old penguim, who was found at the beach in Rio when he was still a baby. Raised by a human couple inside an air conditioned apartment, he now must face his biggest, craziest challenge yet: go to Middle School! You don´t need to be a penguin to know how hard this can be.

To be completed in: 2015


Ba Da Bean!

Animation /

Format: 26x7´

Target: Pre-School /

Project status: Production

Looking for:Co-production Partner /

Synopsis: Bean is a science project who got lost and somehow ended up in the school´s Art Room. Amazed at this new world of colors and shapes, he dreams of making art. But, being a bean in a cup, he´s not sure he´s got the “artist´s spirit”. Luckily, Bean will meet all sorts of awesome friends in the art room and learn that anyone can be an artist!