Carmela Conteúdos

Carmela Contents is a bureau of creation and production of audiovisual content for many different platforms. We create and develop projects for children, teenagers and young people in various genres and formats as well as documentaries for TV and cinema with social and environmental subjects.

Main Activities: Production,

Content Genres:

Content Broadcasted In: CANAL CURTA (BRAZIL)

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Animation / Kids & Youth /

Format: 90'

Target: Kids /

Project status: Production

Looking for:Development Funding / Distribution / Financing /

Synopsis: One night, the songs disappear from Blufis. Nina and her friends decide to recover them, embarking on a dangerous adventure and enters an unknown and mysterious house - as a rite of passage. At the end of the plot, and then recovered the songs, Nina is confronted with a dilemma: to return the music to the community or save them to your mother to sing just for her?

To be completed in: 2019


Into the Dog's Head

History & Civilization / Docs & Factual / Ethnology & Sociology /

Format: 53'

Target: Adult /

Project status: Early Development

Looking for:Distribution / Broadcaster /

Synopsis: The film is a dip in the Amazon region on the border of Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, in order to register disease and healing stories where Indians and foreigners are reinventing their values and giving rise to a new identity, hybrid, which synthesizes Cultures of the two experiments.

To be completed in: 2016


The First Campaign we never forget

Format: 90 minutes

Project status: Production

Looking for:Co-production Partner /

Synopsis: Documentary about the amazing story of the brazilian Washington Olivetto at the advertising industry worldwide.

To be completed in: 2016


Arts & Culture / Nature & Wildlife / Docs & Factual /

Format: 53'

Target: All ages /

Project status: Production

Looking for:Broadcaster / Co-production Partner / Financing /

Synopsis: Moisés is a young Amazon native who is concerned with the expansion of the hydroelectric industry and with the impact su ered by several riverside communities, of various ethnic groups, a ected by the new projects of the sector. After researching the history of some plants such as Itaipu, Balbina and Belo Monte, he starts looking for alternative forms of energy production.

To be completed in: 2018