Combo Estúdio

Combo Estudio is an animation studio specialized in 2D cut-out and traditional animation. We have been producing exclusive online animation content and providing animation service around the globe.

Main Activities: Audio Production, Post Production, Production,

Content Genres: 2D Animation,

Content Broadcasted In: Cartoon Network (LATAM) & Netflix (Worldwide)

Marcelo Pereira

+55 (21) 99765-4574

Any Malu

Animation / Comedy / Kids & Youth /

Format: 6 minutes

Target: All ages /

Project status: Completed

Looking for:Co-production Partner / Development Funding / Pre-sales /

Synopsis: The first 100% animated youtuber! The series follows the humor and entertainament vlog format, mixing the well known success formula with the animated world, something unprecedented until today, at any media.

Broadcasted: Brazil, Latin America


Any Malu Adventures

Animation / Comedy /

Format: 11 minutes

Target: 11-17 (Tweens/Teens) / 6-10 (Kids) /

Project status: Pilot Completed

Looking for:Co-production Partner / Financing /

Synopsis: Any Malu Adventures is about common (and comic) situations of a tween’s life in a animated series of seven-minute episodes aimed at six- to eleven-year-old kids. Any Malu has her own way of telling stories, always over exagerated and making sure the audience really relates with the situation.

To be completed in: 2022


Leah and what she felt

Animation / Educational /

Format: 11 minutes

Target: 2-5 (Preschool) /

Project status: Late Development

Looking for:Broadcaster / Co-production Partner / Financing /

Synopsis: Leah may look like an ordinary 7-year-old girl, but there is nothing ordinary about her feelings coming to life as mischievous little creatures that cause all kinds of trouble. To get these creatures under control, Leah will need to really understand and connect with her own emotions.

To be completed in: 2022