Ghost Jack Entertainment

Ghost Jack Entertainment is focused on creating and producing intellectual properties for Animation, Games, Comics and Licensing, with global appeal. We have a transmedia approach to any media we work with and we've been part of major conventions and festivals around the world.

Main Activities: Production,

Content Genres: 2D Animation, CGI Animation,

Content Broadcasted In: Animation broadcasted through JChebly Group. Content Blue. Promotional artwork and Comics to: Nickelodeon, Marvel and Dark Horse.

Cristiano Seixas

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Rafael Michelli

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Animation /

Format: 22 x 11’

Target: Pre-School /

Project status: Completed

Looking for:Co-production Partner / Financing / Pre-sales /

Synopsis: Melty and his friends goes from their cozy Hot Pot island to nearby islands, in non-sense adventures, always making new friends in each place, while the spoiling the plans of Mr. CoughCough, a chimney in a business suit. This series of cartoons aims to entertain while discussing environmental issues for very young kids.



Animation /

Format: 13 x 22’

Target: Kids /

Project status: Production

Synopsis: Weird Junior High is about a group of unique junior high students attending Jonah Weird High. They must learn to get along with each other as well as fit in as well as pass math class. As they go on their adventures, they soon find secrets about their school, unraveling even more excitement.

Little Agent Cousteau

Animation / Kids & Youth /

Format: 13 x 22'

Target: Kids / Tweens /

Project status: Production

Looking for:Development Funding / Financing / Pre-sales /

Synopsis: Little Agent Cousteau is an official reebot as a young Jacques Cousteau animated character. The stories focus on a new take on his expeditions all over the world as a new character for a new century.


Divino and the Time Sphere

3D / Animation / Kids & Youth /

Format: 22 min

Target: 6-10 (Kids) /

Project status: Pilot Completed

Looking for:Co-production Partner / Development Funding / Pre-sales /

Synopsis: The adventures of a dreamy boy who travels through time and, with his timeless experiences, seeks to discover the true meaning of love between people, even if not always the way he imagined.

To be completed in: 2023

Sky Life

Animation / Adventure /

Format: 80 min

Target: Family /

Project status: Early Development

Looking for:Co-production Partner / Development Funding / Financing /

Synopsis: After the Great Flood, those who survived went to live in the sky, in flying towns and cities. The young Benja, resident of the village of Luanda, decides to go to Paris, a immense and luxurious airship, look for his missing father. There he discovers that the commander of the the flying city, the tyrant Boniface, has a plan that threatens the future of the planet. Can Benja stop him?

To be completed in: 2024