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The company's corporate purpose: the production and realization of short films and feature films, videos, television, theater, concerts, books, newspapers and magazines, scripts and texts, equipment leasing and film materials.

Main Activities: Gear & Studio, Post Production, Production,

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Marco Altberg


Animation /

Format: 13X7’

Target: Kids /

Project status: Early Development

Synopsis: Brazilian Indians Tales is a 13 chapter animation TV series. Each chapter, with seven minutes, tells the story of a different indian population, inspired by their myths. Stories are fantastic and entertaining, that correspond to universal targeted children.


Format: 1X50’

Project status: Early Development

Synopsis: The TAMAR Project (Marine Turtles) thirtieth birthday deserves special coverage. The commemoration celebrations scheduled for 2010 represent a special opportunity to reunite musical entertainment with an environmental documentary based on the Project’s excellent database. This would include underwater imagery and material from TAMAR’s archives as well as new material and would be released for TV and DVD.