Mixer Films

Mixer produces content of all genres and for all platforms, accumulating experience which has consolidated its role as one of the main independent production houses in the country.

Main Activities: Production, Distribution, Post Production,

Content Genres:

Content Broadcasted In: HBO, FOX, NBC Universal, Discovery Channel, Sony, Multishow, Gloob, TV Cultura, Nickelodeon.

Eliane Ferreira


Marilia Toledo




Project status: Early Development

Synopsis: Julie is has two great passions. The first is music. The other is Nicolas, a boy in her class who doesn’t even know her name. One day, she winds up freeing three ghosts imprisoned within a dusty vinyl record. Together, they discover that they have some things in common. Especially music.


3D /


Project status: Production

Synopsis: Liv is a 12 year old ballerina, who sees her pink colored world tremble when she discovers an undeniable talent for football. Liv and her friends demonstrate how universes that are apparently distant from each other, when connected, can make life more vibrant and fun!


Format: 5x44´

Target: Adult /

Project status: Production

Synopsis: "Blind" is a miniseries about a peaceful, kind man who is chased without knowing why or by whom. A sophisticated man who will go down to hell, to the deepest pit, to avenge his family, and he will need to finish this journey before he goes completely blind.


Drama /

Format: 100 min

Target: Adult /

Project status: Production

Synopsis: A luxury car, driven by a chauffeur with a blue -eyed blond boy in the back seat is intercepted in a tree-lined street in a rich São Paulo neighborhood. In a violent quick action, hooded men leave four different vehicles, kill the driver, take the boy and leave an apparently indecipherable note made up of numbers. The kidnappers don’t know the boy is deaf and mute.