Raccord Productions

An active production company in the Brazilian audiovisual market, Raccord has in it’s curriculum over 20 films (between short, medium and feature films), around 1.000 hours of television content and numerous video clips of famous artists. Raccord’ films are present in many different festivals over the world.

Main Activities: Production,

Content Genres:

Content Broadcasted In: Canal Bis (Br), Canal Curta! (Br), GNT (Br), Multishow (Br), Telecine (Br), TNT (Br)

Clélia Bessa


+55 (21) 99977-3862

Marcos Pieri


+55 (21) 98348-2921


3D / Comedy / Kids & Youth /

Format: 90'

Target: 2-5 (Preschool) / 6-10 (Kids) / All ages / Family / Kids /

Project status: In Post Production

Looking for:Pre-sales /

Synopsis: Pluft is a tale of two stories. It’s about the courage that may be born of fear, and it’s about the love that can come of differences. It’s a seafaring and pirates story, and also a ghost story. Two stories that one day find themselves in the attic of a house lost in a land far away. Pirates, ghosts, music and fantasy. Promo password: pluft3d

To be completed in: 2020

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/155669420

Running After

Comedy /

Format: 86

Target: All ages / Family /

Project status: In Post Production

Looking for:Distribution /

Synopsis: Paulo Gale is a black man who doesn’t have a defined career, but have found a way to survive selling trinkets in the hurried traffic of Rio de Janeiro. He glimpses the opportunity to, as a football manager, change his life. Going through the suburbs of Rio, Gale discovers Glanderson, a black boy with an outstanding talent for soccer who, like many others, dream of being a professional soccer playe

To be completed in: 2019

Teaser: vimeo.com/155821747/4747854c99