Rockhead Studios

Rockhead Studios is the company behind the mobile game franchise Starlit Adventures. With dozens of million of players worldwide, it is now expanding the brand through a TV Series.

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Content Genres: App & Games, CGI Animation,

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Rodrigo Scharnberg

+55 51 991547106

Starlit Adventures

Animation / Kids & Youth /

Format: 11 minutes

Target: Pre-School /

Project status: Early Development

Looking for:Broadcaster / Development Funding / Pre-sales /

Synopsis: Starlit Adventures, the game with millions of players is now coming to the TV! Bo & Kikki, the Starlit, will fight vilains like Nuru and Oli to keep them from turning the world in eternal darkness. With the help of their friends Farmer Lu & Dotty and Jo & Cutty, they will use the power of the special suits to become the great heroes and keepers of this universe.

To be completed in: 2022