Webcore Games

Webcore Games is a development game studio founded in 1999. We have experience with games for Mobile, Web and Consoles. In April 2016 we launched our game My Night Job for PlayStation 4 and Steam. We also launched 10 new mobile games focused on kids (2-8 years old).

Main Activities: Apps & Games Developer ,

Content Genres: App & Games, AR,

Content Broadcasted In: Google Play, App Store, PSN, Steam

Camila Malaman


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This is Betsy - A contrary girl

Target: 2-5 (Preschool) / Kids / Pre-School /

Project status: Completed

Looking for:Distribution /

Synopsis: You might know Betsy already. She is a happy girl who loves all of life's good things, like hot chocolate and a warm bath. And just like any one of us, she can get angry. And sad. Or just plain naughty. But there is something special about her: children in 14 countries have been falling in love with Betsy for decades.

To be completed in: 2017

Timo the game

Animation /

Target: Family / Kids /

Project status: Completed

Looking for:Co-production Partner / Development Funding / Distribution /

Synopsis: Join Timo’s journey travelling through fantastic books in this puzzle adventure. In the game, Timo dives into a book and finds himself stuck among five literary worlds. He begins his journey to find the way out, exploring different universes on each book he travels through. On his path, Timo will face many challenges and enemies, but will also meet great friends and allies.

To be completed in: 2019